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Default Re: Tangiers Eric Robbed?


eah, I thought it was a joke at first, and I tried to ascertain if he was "capable of deadly force". I wasn't sure, so we just went ahead and did what he said. Everybody's OK, so all is wel and its back to business as usual. In order, the things that annoy me about this are:

1. My wallet w/ social security card and credit cards were lost. I had to cancel all the credit cards and figure out what to do about my social security number's loss.

2. My cell phone's loss. I hate losing SIM cards. 2nd time. Its quite traumatic.

3. The customers that were here are good friends and I hope they aren't upset by this event.

4. I had way more money in my pocket than I would normally. Stupid.

Its all very surreal. It almost seems like something that happened a million years ago already. The good news is that (besides everybody being OK) I stepped on my cell phone about three weeks ago and the "right" button wasn't working, so I was going to need another cell phone anyhow.

Its really not as big a deal as you would expect.

Its business as usual. Anybody who was thinking about coming down, feel free.
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