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Default Re: Tangiers Eric Robbed?

lol, well then he should have used it to whack the guy on the head!!!

as for social security card being stolen, its quite easy to get the card again, but as for the number being abused, well, thats when you want to invest in credit monitoring, or do it yourself, your choice. The bad part is the guy has his wallet (name and address) social security card, and credit card numbers, this means the theif could have went to town!!!

I always have an additional verbal password on my accounts and have my purchases monitored (free) so that expensive purchases give me a phone call and purchases out of the area do the same.

As for the phone, losing the sim card shouldn't be an issue if you do not ever sync your contacts. your phone company should be able to issue a new IMSI to you and apply it to a new MSISDN w/ no problem, getting a phone to put the simcard into however, sucks.

Maybe eric needs a bouncer lol

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