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Default Re: Scam or Helpful -

Originally Posted by bnewman View Post
First off never buy any e-books, they're usually scams where people pull info off of a site and market it as their own.
The best way to start up a hookah bar would be to get a business license, tax i.d. number, and a tobacco license. You then can call various hookah wholesale companies and verify place orders for the hookahs (so that they're a little bit cheaper than what you'd pay for a single hookah). Most of the companies you would deal with would probably give you the full detail on what you will need to start the hookah bar. Honestly i'd just scour the net for whatever you can find.
First off I'd like to say my dog shares your name, second I'd like to say is that you are absolutely correct, but wonderland has more information to add to this really.

Biggest part of opening a lounge is having tons of money saved because you should not expect to make money for a year.

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