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Default Re: Tangiers flavor advice

Tangiers is an acquired taste for some, others just love it right away. When it's working right, there is nothing comparable that I know of.

I probably have at least 10 or so tangiers flavors on hand, and I like some more than others. Some are exceptional, some just damn good. There is a lot of flavor packed into Eric's baccy, and some flavors go off when they get too hot. Letting it cool off a bit can make a world of difference. I have returned to overheated bowls three days later and had a terrific session with no harshness at all. The new raspberry just did that. It's still a good flavor in my book. I can recommend the passionfruit and nectarine as 10's among the newer flavors. Your choices are great too. I would go with something more complex than orange soda. There's some orange in tropical revenge, or get just orange, it's among Eric's top selling flavors!

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