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Default Hose Cleanliness!!

This has been such a recurring problem with my weekly hookah sessions.


No matter what hose you own, no matter how many people use it, MAKE SURE TO KEEP THE HANDLE AND TIP CLEAN!

Not only clean, go out of your way to disinfect it, keep it cleaner than a surgeon's hands!

Not only can bad hose hygiene lead to a cold, but, more commonly, it leads to CANKER sores, and at times even VIRAL MOUTH INFECTIONS. Yes, it is every bit as terrible as it sounds.

Some tips to keep your hose clean and bacteria/virus free:
- Soak it/Wash your handle and tip in Rubbing Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide.
- Wipe it down with a cloth soaked with Hydrogen peroxide (or a cotton ball) after someone else uses it.
- DO NOT smoke when your sick. Period. Don't let other people smoke when they are sick.

How to Clear away a Viral Mouth Infection or Canker Sore:
- For a Viral Infection, go to your local supermarket and get some Benadryl and Maalox. Mix the two together in a half/half concoction. Swish this around in your mouth like Listerine; do this for about 1-2 minutes. Do this twice a day until the Virus is killed.
- For a Canker Sore, DO NOT rub it with your tongue, no matter how bad it hurts. The remedy i mentioned for VMI's may work well for Canker Sores, i'm testing that out now. A Common remedy is swishing Salt Water, this works to an extent. I would recommend Hydrogen Peroxide and Listerine (the medicated kind), not mixed together, to keep it clean and free of pain.

Hookahs are a great way to spread infection. Alleviate yourself of the trouble and time and pain, keep your rig CLEAN and FREE-RADICAL free!
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