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Default best way to repair a narbish?

hey guys, i'm pretty sad right now because my narbish hose broke. it may have been a defective hose because ever since the first day of using the narb (haha narb...). i noticed i couldn't ever get big clouds (not that it bothers me), no matter what i did to it.

i switched to my standard mya hose because my narbish had a ghost and i needed to clean it and i noticed an insane difference in amount of smoke, flavor, buzz, and smoke density. so i was messing with the narb and i had found out that the hot glue was seperated from the hose and the port. i have only used this hose about 15 times. the hose port end is now separated from the actual hose part.

i'm not really too upset about it, and i don't want to bother john because i think i bother him enough as it is...but since i'm not really a DIY kind of person, i was wondering how it could be fixed? i was going to use hot glue but i don't want it to fall apart again. i was thinking gorilla glue would work but i don't want to leave a permanant taste of glue in my brand new narbish...can anyone help me out? i can take pictures if it helps.
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