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Default Where to Purchase a KM Rainbow?

Hey, folks! I have a question about ordering a KM Rainbow Hose. Right now I only have the stock hose that came with my MZ (which my sister uses when she smokes with me, so that's her hose) and a Razan. I love my Razan, but I have some lovely Sheherezade Chocomint that I desperately want to smoke and some Earl Grey on the way from John. I've heard about those two flavors being notorious for ghosting the hell out of even washable hoses, so I'm a bit concerned.

I don't necessarily need a washable hose if I'm going to dedicate it solely to chocomint and other mint flavors. I've heard the pull is really nice with the KM Rainbow. Plus, I must confess, I think they are really pretty. Hookah John had some in not long ago, but now the page for them has disappeared so I don't know if he stopped carrying them or if he's just temporarily out of stock. I found two other vendors who carry them. One did not get such glowing reviews from members here. The other is selling them for two dollars more than the not-so-awesome vendor.

So (now that I've turned a simple question into a total tl;dr) what I'm looking for is a seller of the KM hoses you guys would recommend. OR...should I just bite the bullet and go ahead and buy the Narbish I've had my eye on and just pray that the chocomint doesn't ghost my hose? I foresee needing another washable on-hand anyway.
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