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Default Lighting for smoke

In designing a room for smoking hookah, a primary concern of mine is the lighting -- so much of the pleasure of smoking hookah has to do with the visual experience of the smoke, thus lighting is of utmost importance. Currently I have a red lightbulb on my ceiling over the "smoke zone" -- it's nice, but not quite strong enough. I'm looking for something more penetrating and a narrower, more directional beam.

Every so often I smoke in my brothers room, and his desktop PC case has a really intense blue LED that is great for smoking hookah, so I'm thinking LED is the way to go. I've started looking online for LED bulbs that fit household sockets, mainly because they're easy to use and don't require any kind of wiring. Here's one candidate:

Then I came across this guy on eBay:

Quite a step up in price, but it could be well worth it. By remote control, you can change the color, brightness, customize transitions, or even make it strobe if you're crazy like that. Being able to change the color is a big plus for me -- you can cover a wide range of moods for your hookah room.

Anybody have any experience with LED bulbs, or have any other suggestions concerning lighting for smoke?
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