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Default Re: Shisha vase dirty and cloudy inside. Cleaning tips?

Originally Posted by abzy786 View Post
do not use hot water!!!
thermal shock can crack glass if it is shitty glass. boiling water is not a good idea, but hot water is not bad unless the glass is shit... which is pretty common out of egypt.

Originally Posted by Brutus View Post
Don't worry.. If you didnt notice any cracks, there isnt any.. you'll see them immediately.

I ran BOILING water through both my generic chinese (REALLY sturdy base.. mya-like, impossible to break), and my KM vase with loads of chips and air bubbles in it, nothing happened, but still, be careful
the chinese bases are machine made with better glass so that isnt a big issue, as to the km base that probably wasnt a great idea, the stress cracks, chips and air bubbles cause weak spots, but if it didnt crack it then it didnt do any damage but i wouldnt do it again

to the OP use the denture cleaning tabs, works well, just need to rinse it well after

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