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Default Re: Best Cloud Brand?

you can get good clouds out of almost any tobacco if you set it up correctly... even nakhla (i've noticed that ppl have problems with getting good clouds with nakhla)... it's not so much a matter of the brand, it's mostly how you prepare the bowl

Originally Posted by bearh View Post
haha sorry were a bit young, its not like a life style yet
its more for the fun of tricks :P
but i do enjoy the relaxation and taste, just not quite as much
there's nothing wrong with being young (considering that you're of legal age to purchase/use tobacco products), i'm only 19, and it's become a big part of my lifestyle... i love coming home after a busy day at work and kicking back with a good solo session. try nakhla, it has buzz, but the flavor is awesome, and as i said; you can get big clouds from it if you prepare it properly

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