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Default Re: Air density effecting smoke rings?

Originally Posted by Str0mz0r View Post
Hey guys,

Well my buddy and I were having a great session tonight, and we stumbled upon a problem. We noticed that both of us were having trouble blowing smoke rings!!! Since it's starting to get a little chillier outside we started to think about how the air density might effect our abilities to blow smoke rings. What do you guys think? Do you really think that might be the culprit? Or are we just blaming it on something because we have completely forgotten how to do it. :P

actually he might be on to something. you see i live in washington state and gets pretty damn cold here and although it is scientifically accurate the cold air condenses smoke and makes it thicker and durable and all that jazz im usually INSANELY good at blowing smoke rings. im not trying to brag but during a session everyone usually stops to look at says "wow you're really good at that"...with that being said the last couple of nights, as it's been getting colder(imagine that!) i've been having a REALLY hard time getting them to form. now i know there are quite a few techniques but my favorite one wasn't working, that being the exhale with big thick rings. although i was still able to do the little cheerio rings with the cheek tap. but i thought i would just share my input and experience from the past couple sessions in cold weather. mind you i was in a closed house with nothing open so no draft.
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