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Default Re: quick lite coals?

well it CAN be the chemicals from the quick lites but there could be a few other culprits.
it could also be the way you smoke, if you are/were anything like me when i first started smoking i was so excited about it and just loved it to such an extent that i was breathing pure smoke, stay with me now..
i know that sounded weird but i mean i was taking breaths inbetween.
it was many pulls in quick succession.
i found that if you take a few breaths or just not try to fill your lungs completely with smoke or on some occasions if you feel a headache just take some headache medicine i don't get one.
but i mostly use quick lites and headaches occur often with me so it's a possibility but im not quite exactly sure.
i don't claim to be either a hookah pro, no pun intended, nor a doctor.
but that's just my opinion for you.
it CAN be the culprit.
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