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Default The Fabeled "Blue Mist"

Ok so i don't know about many of the people in this community we call hookahpro but there is something i would like to bring to your attention if you don't already know about it. I live up here in washington state and i can remember the day i started smoking hookah. I was amazed at the process and inner workings of this mystical devise they called a hookah and i wanted to learn more. Bam hookahpro, just like that .

ok all joking aside when i figured everything out i realized 1. that we only smoked starbuzz cause apparently it was "the best"
2. we only smoked ONE flavor, but we had 3 different ones....

so basically the friends i had that i smoked with, seeing as they are the only ones i knew who owned the required equipment to smoke hookah opened my eyes to something i find quite interesting. they went to a local hookah bar and they have there own "blue mist" flavor. now i did some research and i knew that starbuzz made a "blue mist" flavor and i recently bought it and they are completely different but i would like to tell you guys how to make it cause it's quite amazing if you can get it right and im sure you guys will thank me

anyway you buy starbuzz's exotic mint, exotic raspberry, and exotic blueberry.

what you do is laydown a little mint try not to put a lot as to give it a strong mint flavor cause i still can't seem to get it right but my friend is amazing at it and yeah. but just line the bottom of the bowl with it or even a little less. but then mix blueberry and rasperry almost equal favoring the blueberry? or equal? i still can't figure it out. but if you do happen to get it right in my experience the way we had it, it tasted kinda like cotton candy and was fantastic.

sorry for the long winded post.
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