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Default I need a little "professional" direction

im not exactly new to hookah in time as i've been smoking for atleast a year or two but it wasn't consistant. i started off only smoking starbuzz cause i heard that was the best. i had a bad hookah bar experience where they didn't know what they were doing, really harsh. but i eventually wandered into unfamiliar territory and went to a local smoke shop seeing as the only one that sells starbuzz is quite far and i didn't wanna make the drive but i picked up a few boxes of AF and tried them and it was a bit tricky getting down the heat management and the packing the right way especially with they're supposed new cut but i liked it when it wasn't harsh.

i also tried some peach AW and that was ok too, it had a little bit of throat tickle but it was ok in the end. the AW vanilla made me gag just by the smell and after 2 pulls i just about vomited.

anyway i was wondering about new brands? and flavors?
i was thinking about nahkla, nakla sp?
and pharoah, fantasia, those are the only brands i can get my hands on directly others i'd have to order and im having a hard time cause i lack a credit card and the sites wont take my debit so what would you suggest?

on a side note is it just me or do i have to use an actual CREDIT card?
is there another way?
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