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Default Broken bowl fix: Good or Bad?

So I go to pack up my first bowl of Nahkla Earl Grey (thanks thehookster for the trade) and I do one of those fumble/attempted-recovery deals where you drop it and try to grab it from above but end up spiking it into the ground instead... Great.

To be honest it didn't fracture the way the last bowl I broke did, it split pretty much into 4 large chunks. I glued it back together with crazy glue and it looks legit enough except for the fractured glazing along the places where it cracked. You guys think it's good/safe to smoke out of? It's honestly the best/most favored bowl I own...


Mid-sized egyptian clay phunnel bowl (by Ali at Caravan)
broke into 4 fairly large pieces with minimal microscopic shards
stem didn't fracture just the actual exterior of the bowl
glued together with crazyglue brand super glue

ps- i did get to the earl grey via tangiers mini, amaaaazing flavor and very unique... a lot wetter than the other schaharazade I've tried...
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