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Default Hookah Art Experiment

I won't bore you with details too much but suffice to say that it's a project that I hope someday will become a fixture in a hookah bar somewhere. I'd like to find a unique and interesting way to make the hookah smoke more a part of the lounge experience rather than just the by-product of hookah.

I need input on the cheapest way to find a decent length hookah stem (I have the first one, a KM exotica with a messed up purge), I've been keeping an eye on trades and clearance on vendor sites but since I'm pretty much gonna dismember the stem I don't want to spend 50 bucks on it, (especially considering I might FUBAR it).

So anyone got any suggestions on where I can find a hookah stem really cheap? It doesn't have to look phenominal it just needs to be un-bent and functional within reason (leaks, ok) and be similar in connective dimensions (stem-base junction / hose port / stem-bowl junction) to a standard eygptian.

Thanks for the help guys!
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