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Default Re: Quick few questions about a simple issue.

Originally Posted by HippieMama View Post
Wait, I'm confused. When you say the flavor gets into your hose and you end up tasting it do you mean when you smoke one flavor and then you have a session, say, a day or two later you can taste the previous flavor(s) that you smoked on top of the one you're currently smoking?

The numb tongue could be from harsh smoke (too much heat/burning the shisha) or chain hitting it. Are you using quick lite coals? Are you letting the coals heat completely (red/orange all the way through, no black spots) before placing them on your bowl?
Am i letting the ccoals butrn completely? Yes
Am i using QL's? Yes CH QL's
Chain hitting, sometimes. however i try to let the coals and tobacco relax.
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