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Default Re: Best Cloud Brand?

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
Anything dripping wet like epic and fantasia, out of the 2 fantasia is a much better brand overall
This pretty much sums it up. In retrospect, I think my first response came across as rude and I apologize for that, bearh. I wasn't having a great day yesterday. Anyway, what you want is a tobacco like SB that is really juicy.

Honestly, (unless you really don't like heavy flavor) you don't have to compromise flavor just to get dense clouds. Most brands of tobacco, when the heat is managed properly, will yield both. I don't know what size base your hookah has, but if it's large enough a half a dozen ice cubes in the base will make your clouds denser, but it will decrease the amount of flavor. Just make sure to compensate for water levels. In other words, add a small amount of water and a couple of ice cubes, then more water, and so on until the water level is correct.

Also, if you don't have a wind cover you can make your own. Sambooka has a great how-to video on how to make a wind cover out of tin foil. I just got my proper Egyptian wind cover today, but I've smoked for almost a month with the aluminum foil makeshift wind cover with no problems.
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