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Default Re: Just got my first phunnel bowel and...

Originally Posted by bpetruzzo View Post
I suppose in the amount of shisha it holds it probably isn't much different from the Mya bowl.
A small funnel bowl holds up to 50g of shisha. That's over half of what I normally pack in my standard Egyptian. The large Mya bowl holds up to 30g, so there's actually a pretty substantial difference. I second the recommendation of making or purchasing a Scalli mod, otherwise you're either going to be smoking for well over an hour or wasting shisha.

Just for future reference, most websites will list how many grams of shisha the bowl will typically hold. That will help you get a handle on how large they are. Think of it like this - you see a bowl that says it will hold up to 50g of shisha. Picture in your mind a 50g pack of shisha. That's a lot for one bowl.
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