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Default Re: I need an help on this KM

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
my km gold band tray did not fit my americana well, you sorta had to push it down at the right angle to get it to go down all the way...

hate on me all you want, but this is why i like the threaded trays...

as for fixing that, use some pliers and pull the center metal back a little until it slides on.
The gold band tray was made for the ice chamber premium KMs so it only clears the bulb just under the bowl tip and not the second larger bulb on non-ice chamber KMs (the center portion of the ice chambers connect to that lower bulb). It's a simple fix as you have said though.

I too prefer a more stable tray but it's something that isn't much of an issue once you get used to it. I do wish KM put little tabs or pegs on the tray rest so the thing doesn't slide around. Little magnets can be used to perform the same function.
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