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Default Re: I need a little "professional" direction

Originally Posted by SynysterBuzz View Post
well i'll experiment with both nakhla and pharoahs.
thinks for all the input guys i really appreciate it.
as for the shisha.
any suggested flavors to start?
i don't know what natural tastes like though so i have no idea what you're talking about.
you mean like strawberry tasting like actual strawberries?
in that direction?

wow that even sounded stupid in my head.
just ignore my momentary stupidity i guess im still kinda new.
or just not as experienced.
Yea, it tastes really artificial. It's too sweet and doesn't have any of the actual strawberry taste. You know how strawberry is not only sweet it also has a sour note to it?? Yea, it only has sweetness to it.
It's also heavily dyed. It was bright red. And it's very very moist and squeezed into a can....
And like I said, Strawberry & Strawberry/Kiwi tasted alike....
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