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First of all, welcome to both the hookah lifestyle and Hookah Pro. Are you allowing the coals to heat completely through before placing them on your bowl? You want to make sure you are letting them heat until they are no longer sparking and they are glowing red-orange all the way through - no black spots.

Are you placing the coal in the middle of the bowl? I'm wondering if it was possible to break it in half and place one half on opposite edges of the bowl, but I'm not familiar with Three Kings coals. I use the Hookah John's naturals exclusively. What are you using to poke holes in the foil with? How are you spacing the holes apart? What shisha are you smoking and how are you packing it?

There are a few causes of harsh smoke. Usually it boils down to bowl packing and heat management. I'd recommend watching the how-to videos on here for heat management and bowl packing techniques. It's either an issue with the coals you're using, the shisha may be burning in the bowl, or both.

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