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Default Re: Shisha vs Cigarettes

This is an excellent point, but please keep in mind that most cigs will only contain 200+ ingrediants that when ignited breakdown into more than I can count chemicals in which your body absorbs. Also it comes down to cut, age, and environment of the tobacco for some of those chemicals to be present or form. And type, brand, and flavor come into the picture too. So just to clear things up this list is not a list of every chemical in every cig. its a list of known chemicals in the spectrum of cig. tobacco.

Granted shisha has less ingrediants, and extremely less chemical exhaustions!

Not only does the chemical information prove shisha to be the lesser evil and in comparison healthier than cigs. BUT! there is also the simple science of physics to consider.

When smoking a cig. you pull air through burning tobacco embers which heats the embers even more...all the while over-heating the air as well. This is pulled through the rest of the cig. until it reaches your throat and lungs. Granted the temperature of the air/smoke cools rapidly but the amount of distance it goes across before hitting your bodily tissue is too small to make a difference. Just based on temperature alone properly smoking a hookah/shisha causes less harm than smoking a cig which instantly destroys our avioli in our lungs and our throat tissues on contact.

Originally Posted by Sui View Post
Most of the time smoking a hookah isnt generally bad for you. It is still a drug...tobacco. but the principles on which a hookah is properly smoke create a more pleasant and extremely less aggressive smoke.

Tar is prduced when tobacco is burned at temperatures of over 500*F. Most hookah bowls (again properly used) will not spike past 450*F even when someone is pulling air through the coals and therefor heating them moreso.

Another overlooked factor of smoking Hookah is that the smoke is cooled down. Meaning it doesnt destroy your avioli and throat tissues on contact like say cigarettes. Granted this causes a more dense smoke that does condense faster inside your lungs leaving more nicotine than a general cigarette.

Hookah tobacco or Shisha mainly consists of nothing more than tobacco, veggie glycerin, and flavoring extract. all but the tobacco burn off safely causing no chemical exhaustion. Compared to most cigarettes and other tobacco this means no 400+ chemicals and of those this includes arsnic, which is not found in shisha.

last but not least: nicotine. Yes hookah tobacco and smoking hookah will generally deliver more nicotine to your body than say a cig. but you have to look at it in context. 1 hour long hookah session might have the same nicotine content of 5+ cigs. but then a cig. smoker will mainly chain more than 5 cigs. a day. and those 5 cigs not only are comparitive to the nicotine content but take into account the other aspects I have listed above and you will see how hookah smoking may still be a drug usuage and have negative effects on the body...but there are worst things ppl can do for their kicks/fix.
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