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Default Re: Shisha vs Cigarettes

Nicotine is addictive. With that said, most people who do not smoke besides hookah are not taking in the volume of nicotine the average cigarette smoker does and do not smoke as frequently. It's also important to note that nicotine is not the carcinogen. Nicotine isn't what causes smokers to get lung cancer. What makes cigarettes worse for your health than hookah smoke would be the additives they use and the temperature the tobacco burns at and it being so close to your mouth and taken into the lungs. Shisha does not bake at the same temperature a cigarette burns at and that smoke cools considerably by the time it reaches your mouth.

I know that when I smoke my hookah I don't feel I am taking as much smoke into my lungs as with a cigarette. Yes, some smoke obviously enters the lungs, but most of it is immediately exhaled from my mouth, whereas almost all of the smoke from my cigs is inhaled into my lungs and then exhaled.

Of course, as an adult I realize any smoking is bad for my health. It is a risk I accepted the day I took my first drag off of a cigarette. But it's important to realize there are other vices that are bad for your health as well. Heavy alcohol consumption, overeating that leads to obesity, processed foods, breathing in chemicals during manicures and hair dyeing, caffeine, etc. Aside from smoking I try to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible. I eat mostly organic foods, don't drink sodas, no alcoholic beverages, I exercise five days a week, get enough sleep and take organic vitamins.
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