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Default Re: Question about tax and importing shisha into Aaustralia

Gday, fellow aussie here, fairly new to hookah myself. im looking into this a bit more also. the import duty is really severe....$320 a kilo. plus gst. so more like $350, plus at least a 3 week wait in customs whilst its processed. if you check the customs website the dutys and laws have changed recently. apparently the is no gift concession any more. i use to be able to import 250 grams of tobacco, sometimes even more without any duty if it was labled as a gift. i recently had a parcel come through from the states with a couple of hoses, bowls a few other accessories and 8 packs of 50 gram shishas. 400 grams all up. customs picked it up, and i got wacked with the import duty. this makes 50 gram packs cost around $20 to $25 by the time you add up the original cost of the shisha, shipping and duty. im hoping to come up with a way of avoiding this soon. i saw another post saying if you import multiple packages under the 250 grams customs will let them go through. this would have happened in the past as it did for me, but the chances of it happening now are not that good. if the parcels come through customs within id say of 3 weeks of each other, they will tally them up and charge you duty on all of them. ill let you know when i find out some more info, or have any more luck. where abouts do you live? sydney have a few places that can sell brands such as al faker. i bought a lot of al waha and nakhla from an aussie website that sells shisha but they were all really bad. i think it was old stock or something. as far as how long 250 grams would last you....depends on your bowl sizes you are packing and how often youd smoke...if you have a normal egyptian bowl, youd probably be packing around 15 grams per bowl. so youd be looking at around 15 to 16 bowls. hope this helps.
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