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Default Re: need zaghloul tip

Lots of bad info in this thread. First of all one should not expect a traditional product like Zaghloul to produce a huge amount of smoke since the smoke one gets from mod moassels is a result of glycerin. Instead, the black style moassels are all about taste so if you want clouds best stick with candied dreck.

I think it's a terrible idea to place the coals directly on the moassel since you burn it and that makes for a hot, harsh smoke that kills the flavour. You can try it that way if you like but I really hate the taste of Zaghloul when it's burnt.

Instead I recommend four cubes of a good quality natural coal to start (wait about 2 minutes before drawing the smoke) and then bring it back to three cubes of coal. Wiat a good 30 - 45 seconds between drawls since zag is a good deal stringer then what most people hear are used to. In terms of hole patterns I use 4 pin hole columns spaced about 1/4" a part. Hopefully this helps.
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