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Default Re: a little birdy told me....

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Actually I am very familiar with AF Soft Black and i've been smoking it for years. In my photo album I have pic of a 250g box of the stuff if you guys are interested.

Also, it doesn't taste at all like Zaghloul although since so many people here insist on smoking Zaghlouol as if it was tombac I can see why some here don't like it. Of course smoking black moassel like tombac and saying you don;t like it is a bit like broiling a steak for 3 hours and saying you've tried steak and don't care for it.

Basically Soft Black is a very high quality product that is mildly sweet, very complicated and heavy. It's not nearly as spicy or as strong as the black moassels made by Nakhla and can provide a very pleasent session if you set it up properly. It also is a fantastic mixer and I typically buy 5 kilos per year.

Naturally those of you that like SB/Fantasia type candied products won't like it. If however you like high quality tobacco with a bit of sweetness, a nice body and a richer taste profile you'll love Soft Black. It's not like anything else on the market.

If anyone that is interested I can post my favorite mixes for use with Soft Black.
Thanks for the experienced response, but I hope that what we get in the states is the same product that you get. It should be in the states soon, and I'm sure it's a good idea for the members to split a kilo out to test. I want to try it but I'm not sure I will want a kilo either but if that's the only way oh well, but your despcription has made me more intersted, thanks
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