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Default Re: Quality of CH coals?

Originally Posted by Dakins View Post
Thank you all for your answers. I have noticed that the coals that tend to crumble are the ones taken from the top or the bottom of the box. It is possible that pressure or shock may have caused "microfractures" that turn into a disaster as the coal combusts.

Tonight, I will examinate a few samples of CH coals with a magnifier and try to spot anomalies or corruption in their physical structure.
Be sure to screen it for STD's while your at it.

But seriously..searching for "microfractures"? Really? I don't know. We've all had coals break either from user error or the fact that coals simply break from time to time. Not only that, but I don't how seriously I could take your findings when your sample population is what.. one.. two boxes of coals? If you audited maybe 100 cases and found defects, then we should all be concerned. Until then, I think you've just had a string of bad luck.
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