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It isn't so much that thick clouds are stupid so much as the fact that there are some people who would rather smoke air flavored shisha so long as it yields monstrous smoke clouds. Done properly, just about any tobacco will yield decent enough clouds and good, consistent flavor.

Some of the flavors/brands I've found produce nice clouds are Hookah Hookah (but you have to be careful with the heat, as it burns easily), Al Fakher (honey is the flavor that produced the biggest clouds for me) and Nakhla Mizo. I've heard ice water in the base produces thicker clouds, but oftentimes lessens the intensity of the flavor. I've only used ice in the base once and didn't notice too much of a difference in smoke density, though. I may not have used enough. Also, do you have a wind cover? If not you may want to invest in one or make one out of aluminum foil or one of those huge Monster Energy drink cans. There are some how-to videos on here for that.
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