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Originally Posted by fashow69
hahah thanks yea i can get them real thick and shit but i cant shoot them half across the room haha and to jilly im using a fisheye lens thats how i get that affect if your using like a small basic camera with a small lens you should look up the kenko fisheye but if your using a bigger prosumer camera with a bigger lens you should go with the century optics "death lens" yea im about to start college for Video production too hahhahaha
What I do to propel them across the room is this: Try to close your mouth as tight as you can in the shape of an O, and use the faint coughing method to propel them out. This is imprtant because most people use the tongue method, and that won't propel them very far. It's easy once you get the hang of it, just try to practice with faint coughs and increase the strength little by little to propel those O's far...
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