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Default Re: You know you spend too much time on hookahpro when...

16. Your boss at work writes you a pink slip and states somewhere on the write up.
17. Your internet provider black balls the site just from you
18. You start your own HP related clothing and merchandise line, just for yourself.
19. You know enough about everyone to write a biography.
20. You refuse to vote because KornKitten or Sambooka is not a candidate
21. You get a hookah pro tattoo.
22. Your significant other and your pet run away, together.
23. You sit in bed with your significant other thinking of shit like this to type.
24. Your doctor asks you how much you smoke and you scream "I dunno! I have like 2,000 posts!"
25. Hookah Pro goes down for updates and you call Sambooka leaving threatening voice mails.
26. You hate yourself.

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