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Default Interesting Musing on AF Grape

((These are my personal views and opinions about this brand/flavor, from my personal recent experiences. Please take them as that only. DO NOT turn this thread into a SLAM FEAST against AF. But... if you've had recent experiences similar, please feel free to talk about them here.))


Many of your know I recently got a tub of fake AF Grape


Well I finally got a replacement tub, from both the original vendor as well as AlFakherOnline, who had asked for the "fake" tub in exchange.

Well, unfortunately, the tub I received from the original vendor - was one of the infamous BAD tubs. It smelled like rotten tomatoes. Well instead of tossing it, I figured I would like it sit around and see if by some chance it got better. After 1 week, the smell from the closed & sealed tub actually smelt right, it smelt like my old batches of AF Grape. BUT, upon opening it, I was assaulted by the rotten smell in addition to a heavy CHEMICAL smell. After sitting around smelling up my kitchen a few more days, I finally tossed it.

Ok, then I received my tub of Grape from AlFakherOnline. Yeah! I eagerly opened it and to my horror, it smelt funny. NOOOOOOOOoooooooo! But, far from just tossing it, I decided to wait for 2 reasons:
[list][*]I had a BAD head cold and really couldn't judge the smell right (although others told me it smelt different than my "older" stock[*]I figured I would let it acclimate[/list]
So I opened it and kept it stored the in the tub (new packaging) semi-closed for about week or so. And to my vast surprise, last night I opened the tub and it smelt exactly like it should have - a cross between Grape Bubble-Yum/Raisins/Welsh's Grape.

So, of course I had to taste it. Sure enough, it tasted fine. Perfectly normal. Just as yummie as I remembered.

Now, the weird thing, the production date between the two tubs was only 1 month different. The 1st tub was Oct 2007, the 2nd tub was Sept 2007. How a single month would make a HUGE difference, is beyond me... but it apparently has.

My conclusion = something is up with Al Fakher. Their best flavor suffers this type of mistake (heard rumors of other flavors as well), they are supposedly coming out with several new flavors (which if I remember correctly we were promised LAST year, but they all failed to show, only a small handful and not all got great marks).

But, now I do know that if the tobacco smells slightly off, acclimating it may help (or it may make it worse). Although I've NEVER had to acclimate anything but Tangier's before.... I return to my original view... something is up with Al Fakher.
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