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Default Like Socks For Christmas, But HJ saves the day

Titles sounds a little off, but once you read it you will get it.
So I ordered from Hookah John five days ago, placed a decent order of Tangiers, Nakhla, and new spiffy AF Medium Solid. So I wait those days staring at the Fedex tracking page, waiting and waiting like a kid waiting till December 25. Finally the day arrives, I'm getting ready for work when the door bell rings. I open the door to see the Fedex guy running as fast as he can to jump in his truck, nothing new.

I pick the parcel up, run as fast as I could to kitchen table, open the box and start rummaging through the foam peanut like a kid on Christmas. Every things perfect, all Tangiers and Nakhla is right, AF bowl is pretty big by my standards, look at the hose, neato! And then the Coup De Grace, the AF Solid wrapped all nice and snug in bubble wrap. I pick it up and it rattles of broken glass! I cut away the bubble wrap and the vase is pulverized, Damn You Fed Ex!!! Felt like a kid on Christmas hoping to get Hungry Hungry Hippos, and getting a pair of socks.

But John is the nicest guy I have the experience to deal with, told him what happen, said he was in the warehouse, jet him an email with the info, said it would be sent out today, Now Thats Class And Service!

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