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Default Re: Like Socks For Christmas, But HJ saves the day

In response to the OP's:
"Felt like a kid on Christmas hoping to get Hungry Hungry Hippos, and getting a pair of socks."

I posted a response which roughly translates into the following:

The "Hungry Hippos" game wasn't as educational as the game "Life" as ascertained by my wise yet un-trendy parents. Thusly, I received the game "Life" as a gift which isn't as loud and physical a game but can be entertaining when appreciated from an educational standpoint, which in the end, is what my parents felt was better for my upbrining and time spent in amusement. After much time learning the intricacies of the game and the many life-like demonstrations, I came to appreciate the lessons I learned and felt that perhaps "Hungry Hippos" would not have extended me the same learning experiences.

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