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Default Re: Cleaning a Hookah

Originally Posted by HippieMama View Post
Don't run water through your hose. You may want to look into either investing in a washable hose such as a Razan or Narbish. Or purchase a few more hoses that aren't washable so you can dedicate a couple for flavors that will ghost your hose.

I wash my hookah after every session. If I'm smoking fruit flavors a few days in a row I'll just wash my hose out and give my hookah a rinse out with some water and clean the bowl well. But if I smoke something with mint or spices I'll use baking soda and white distilled vinegar (but lemon juice works just as well) and give it a thorough cleaning just so the flavors won't contaminate my next session.

If you're not using a Vortex or funnel bowl you'll really want to clean the stem after each session to get any ash or tobacco juice residue out of it. And clean your purge valve well also. If you don't it will stick.
well this person said that because i have a normal hose i can run water through it but if i swing it in a full circle so all the water goes out then it should be fine.

judging by what you are all saying, i don't know if the guy that i asked is right or wrong.
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