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Default Re: Interesting Musing on AF Grape

Thing is, I have a good Aug 2007 batch - in fact 2 from that month from 2 different sources, both were peachy fine. Smelt perfectly normal, smoked perfectly as well. So I'm not sure what months may have been affected, it's probebly more of a production batch that was bad and it may have spanned 2 months (end of one, beginning of another). Or it could have been any number of things...

Also, I've heard of people getting bad batches of Golden Esk Apple - little to no flavor. I've bought several tubs of that last year and they were all perfect. In fact that's my number smoke!

So I'm not sure what's going on with them. I mean, the cinnamon sample I got sent w/ the tub from AlFakherOnline - that stuff is the goopiest AF I've EVER seen. This stuff isn't just wet and drippy, it's literary a goopy mess. BUT... it smells & tastes wonderful.

Every brand will have it's ups and downs (Layalina had a few months with weird batches going out as well last year), that's a given. It's just alarming that such a well known brand suffers from a thing and doesn't address it out loud (visit any of the various Hookah forums).
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