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Originally Posted by Hayter View Post
Vaping is going to be hard. The e-cigs take a liquid and turn it into vapor. By the sound of it you are trying to take a solid and turn it into vapor. It would take a good amount of heat to do it.

Now you may be able to say blend or puree the tobacco into a liquid, and apply a good amount of heat with your easy bake oven idea. Just use a high wattage out door flood light bulb (non-flourescent) as they dont produce enough heat. That may work for ya.

Just a thought though. Im no engineer or good with making things, so oi dont know. lol

I love my DSE-901 though. lol
Originally Posted by foibled View Post

Do you know how hookahs work and what you're actually smoking? E-cigs are very similar in operation.
i second foibled, hookah doesnt burn tobacco when using moassel/shisha, you want the tobacco to get hot enough so that the volatiles in side steam off so your glycerine, honey/molasses, flavor, tobacco juices, and water suspended nicotine into vapor

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