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Default Re: DISASTER!

Originally Posted by krampi View Post
I wanted to have sex with a girl last weekend, but she didn't let it ...
It could be a good thing actually. Not that long ago a stupid girl was coming on pretty strong to me which wasn't cool given that she was clearly less then wholesome and not the sort of person i'd want to hang with. For some reason all the female attention i've been getting for quite a while now has been from the sort of girl that just isn't worth knowing. That doesn't reflect well on me I suppose.

Anyway, I don't i'd call the lose of a bowl and a few grams of tobacco a disaster. I did have a disaster when a stupid girl wrecked my favorite Syrian crystal vase since the thing couldn't be replaced and it cost me a pretty penny to ship. Lately I haven't had any smoking mishaps but since I always smoke outside I don't need to worry about wrecking carpet/rugs/floors/furniture or what ever.

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