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Default AF Solid + New base = Grommet issue

So I just got a medium SS vase for my medium AF solid, the problem is I don't have a grommet to fit it, every grommet I tried it to thick, when I put in the stem by itself with no grommet it barely has any space. I don't think there is a grommet on this world that will seal this up. What should I do?

Right now I was able to make my grommet out of electric tape, I think I am just going to have to use tape all the time.

Is there any really thin grommets out there?

I have used a rubber....thats what she said, and silicone, I even cut off the ridges on the silicone grommet and still didn't work.

Here is a picture of the beauty, I just bought a black caravan hose so its going to have a black and red theme.

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