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Default Re: Cleaning a Hookah

Originally Posted by Durable_D View Post
So what about the calcium in my stem guys and gals?
Cleaning brush + baking soda + white distilled vinegar or pure lemon juice. What I do is run some water through my stem, dump a couple of pinches of the baking soda in it and then pour vinegar down it. It will fizz up and then I take my cleaning brush and clean through both the top of the stem and then up through the down stem. Then you want to rinse it really well.

LoJack, unfortunately there is no way to avoid ghosting save for buying a washable hose or a few non-washables that will be dedicated to specific flavors. My advice would be until you can do that would be to stick with one specific set of flavors. In other words, I wouldn't smoke a coffee flavored shisha and then smoke watermelon flavor.
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