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Default Re: DISASTER!

Originally Posted by glostersa View Post
Well I would not call that a disaster I got up one morning in 1993 (04h00) very early as I was working on a major presentation for Transport contract Rates for a company got dressed and left for work at 5h30 I hit a 6 Ton Truck head on he turned at an intersection while I was approaching I was traveling at 60 Km h when I hit him, The Little Nissan collapsed The safety belt gave way to muck slack my face hit the steering wheel crushing the bones on the left side the safety belt Broke my sternum and some ribs when the belt threw me back the seat collapsed under me causing the full weight of my body to hit the floor of the vehicle thus crushed some vertebrae in my lower back L1-L3 that got me 16 days in ICU 12 months in a full body back brace (stand walk and Laying down only no sitting allowed) (6 months was rehab) 3 years later in 1996 they operated and inserted Screws and pins in my back with lumbar Fusion. Another 12 months in a Back Brace (6 months rehab). When the did the fussion they had to reroute all the lower back nerves (conveniently there was some surgical steel close by and that was a safe place to put those nerves) Now when any weather changes occur my back tells me. During the first 12 months I was on Morphine Tablets for the pain. and after 3 months of walking around like a zombie I decided that I had enough I kicked the Pain med's and just said I can and will get through it spent many a winters night standing in a cold swimming pool to dull that aching eating pain. or laying in a hot bath to soak the knots out of the back muscle spasms. I still experiance pain but it has not killed me just raised my tollerance level for pain to gianormous heights. I have lost a lot of sensation in my arms legs hands and feet. I was 34 years old when this happend and now 16 years later I still carry on. Now some would call that a disaster I would rather call that fate for on that day when I saw that truck approaching I resigned myself to the fact that I may not make it out alive. I faced death and lived thus my fear of dying was erased.

So a broken bowl is not a disaster but a minor inconveniance.

Pack another and enjoy.
Good point. Some people need to be re calibrated. On a big level (and a personal one as well but less so) i'd say the real tragedies were 1 June 1979 since that is the day Rhodesia died, September 28, 1989 since that was the day that Koevoet died & 27 April 1994 since that was day that neo-Bolshevism overtook the RSA.

In more a more spectacularly bad sense along the lines you're talking about i'd say that a disaster for me would be being sprayed with spall & shrapnel after an RPG impact which is something i'd guess you know about as well.

As for narghile disasters the worst was the result of a haulage company losing my collection of antique Arab and Turkish rigs and the insurance company stiffing me. That still bugs me even though it was more then 10 years ago.
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