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Default Re: DISASTER!

my "disasters" aren't really disasters, more like minor issues... 1st one: i was at a party and brought my hookah, then while i was letting my friend load a new bowl (i was giving him tips since he had ordered his first hookah earlier that day), and as he's walking out of the kitchen, a drunk guy threw his elbow back and knocked the bowl out of my friends hands and put a pretty big chip in it... it's still smoke-able, but my phunnel has some character now, i was mostly angry that he didn't listen when my friend yelled "look out, comin' through". 2nd one: i was smoking out back with a group of friends when my dog decided to come and say "hi" to them, and would have knocked my MZ over with his tail, if my friend hadn't caught the stem with his foot... two NEAR disasters, but nothing big yet... things aren't ALWAYS bad when stuff happens.... i think.....
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