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Default Exoticas...

My Exoticas are terrible. They have an awful smell while lighting; they crack, splinter, and split while lighting and when touched.

This is the batch of Exoticas, the "Good" batch from H-S.

I contacted them. They said that this is normal of Exoticas. I tried to argue, but to no avail, this si how the Exoticas are for them.

I am not, in any way, blaming for anything.

I am strictly wondering; Do your Exoticas crack and splinter while being lit, do they break into pieces when you lightly touch them? Do they smell like you're dying of Carbon Monoxide poisoning? Mine do. Apparently it is Normal behavior.

I have an older batch, before the whole bad batch scare. They are literally perfect still.

SO what's the deal??
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