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Default Re: Help with a hundred bucks!

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
KM's are overpriced because they are just that, overpriced. For what you get, you get a 20X better pipe when you buy an AF syrian instead of a KM. And unless you spend 120$ or more on a KM, you will get a standard one which are pretty crappy, especially when they also cost more than an AF syrian.

I would also only order from HJ if you plan to get the AF syrian or Temsah. Really, buying a KM these days is like cutting your own balls off and eating them.

if you REALLY like the KM styles, then you should get one. but if you want quality, go with something else. KM is really pissing me off these days. And MZ, the smaller ones are cheap as dirt but light as a feather. If you pay over 80$ for a MZ, you got screwed.
KM's are not overpeiced unless you wanna go with a hookah that is very tall and has three types of metal. I've never paid more than $80 for a KM.

Also, I think you are overreacting when you say AF is 20X better than KM !! this is so incorrect. Yes, AF hookahs has a great pull but KM hookahs has a great pull as well.

I've just got a KM Kafae (which is made of brass) and it is more solid than AF medium hookah and has a better pull, and both cost the same.
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