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Default Re: Question on the making of hookahs.

Originally Posted by Hayter View Post
My wife brought up an interesting question about hookahs. We were smoking the hookah, and she asked me what the make if the hookah was. Meaning the material. II bought us a nice looking AF medium solid.

What she was asking me to find out was that the material of the hookah and that if smoking the hookah or handling the material it is amde out of will transfer lead or other poisonous materials to our child. Or if the brass in the hookah will hurt us or kill us slowly and possibly transfer to our child in some way.

Alas, i did not have the answer for her, so i am hopeing that you guys here on the forum, can shed some light on this.
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by just how fantastic people are in attributing risk to tobacco use but frankly this floors me. A narghile is made of copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel or some combination of those metals and it is simply is impossible for the coals to release any trace elements of any metal from the narghile into the smoker. I've never even heard anyone suggest that it's possible that such a thing could happen let alone that metal from a narghile could somehow enter a non-smoker.

In any case, the whole second hand smoke thing is junk science at it's worst but like most lies people believe it because they hear it continuously. Anyone that is interested in the reality of second hand smoke should check this out:

Bottom line is that short of melting down your narghile and pouring it down someone's throat metal poisoning simply isn't an issue. The second hand smoke thing is also total BS so worrying about it is silly. Your child faces a hundred more serious long term health threats every day.

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