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Default Re: brass or steel stem?

Originally Posted by foibled View Post
Rust refers to the oxidation of iron so brass does not rust. It oxidizes just like iron, but the process is passivating. IOW the corrosion/oxidation layer that forms on brass reduces the permeability of oxygen to the underlying copper/zinc, protecting the brass from further oxidation. Rust can also be passivating depending on the conditions that it forms under but in most cases general corrosion of iron isn't (the red flaky stuff aka hematite or Fe2O3). Bluing of stainless steels is an example of passivating rust (magnetite or Fe3O4).

I would disagree that brass KMs are higher quality than the formed steel hollow stems. The assembly methods on both are mostly the same, the only difference being the pieces used. Brass stems are generally thought more highly of because they are heavier.

I've examined quite a few KMs and I've seen hollow stem KMs built better than brass stem KMs and vice versa. If there is one consistent thing I've noticed about KM stems it's that their quality isn't consistent. :P

edit: I should clarify that I meant real bluing of steel, not the half-assed done to make it look pretty bluing.
haha good write up.

what i meant when i said higher quality was yes, the heavier non hallow stems are a tad more durable and they tend to be the prettier ones to, compared to their only steel or steel and acrylic ("pear") varieties

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