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Default Smallish Hookah Help Pweeze

HP lend me your great wisdom please

The smallest hookah stem I have is 21" or so. I'm so tired of cleaning the dang things in the tub. I want one I can smoke every day that I can throw in the dishwasher, or soak in the sink with the dishes. Doesn't smoke harsh, and has a reasonably open draw, not necessarily for travel.

Aside from the Hobohookah and the Witch types, I was looking at one of the itty-bitty Myas. I'm looking at the bambino, QT, Chic ones.

Do they fit the bill and which one should i get? Is there a better one out there? Not caring about price, looking for easy to clean, can use everyday, durable, smokes nice, wont take a dump when I need a smoke badly. Any recommendations?
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