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Default Am i a newbie? Help!!

Hello guys, i have this big hookah i bought in Israel a couple of months ago. This is what i usually do before smoking but i'm still not getting the results i want:
[LIST=1][*]The water level is 1 inch approx. above the stem.[*]The tobacco molasses isn't overwelming the bowl, it's a fair amount.[*]The charcoals are quick-lite type, you just light them 3secs and they start sparkling alone for around 25secs untill they're "done" (ready).[*]The aluminium foil is fairly distributed over the bowl, tight as a drum and with reasonable holes.[/LIST]Still, i get only few smoke coming out from my mouth. I love thick and a lot of smoke, but i ain't getting it. I can't also actually taste the flavor of the molasses. If i add another charcoal, i would get more smoke but i'd burn the molasses quicker and i'd start getting harsh smoke.

Could anyone help? I would really appreciate this!!
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