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Default Confusion with Hookah Taste

Hello everyone, I've got a question or two about the taste I get while smoking my hookah. But first, a little back story to help understand my issue here.

I'm not a first time hookah user, I've been smoking for about 3 years now on a few seperate hookahs. I live in a small town where the only means of shisha is Al-Waha brand and round Mera coals.

The first hookah I used I bought from a friend and it smoked wonderfully. Very rich taste, nice thick smoke - it was great. Over time I noticed the flavors started to wane and decided it was time to pick up a new hookah. I bought a small one hose from my local shop only to find it smoked very poorly and went back to my first one.

Just recently I purchased a brand new hookah, and I made sure it was secure - no holes in the solder joints or anything. I brought it home and loaded up some expensive shisha I was sold. Deja Vu Double Apple (double apple being a favorite of mine). I found the first smoke to be insanely harsh and found a foul black licorice taste to be the only flavor i could pull. I quickly gave up on the double apple and packed a bowl of Al-Waha Nectarine flavor. It had no harsh taste, but could I barely taste the shisha - just a hint of it. But - the smoke was smooth and thick - but insanely tasteless, like I was smoking my coal.

I then hit forums and videos to see what i was doing wrong. I watched some of Sambooka's videos on youtube, to find i was packing my bowl incorrectly all along. I started breaking up and sprinkling up the shisha into the bowl - doubled up on tin foil to prevent the shisha from burning in case that was the problem. Still no dice - tasteless thick smoke.

Before being properly educated, I carelessly packed the shisha tight in the bowl and plopped the round self igniting coals right in the middle and pulled in loads of flavor. As of recent, I feel like I'm doing everything right in the set up but still pull absolutely no flavor. I would consider needing to clean it - but the hookah is brand new.

Sorry for the insanely long post, but I wanted to know if anyone could help me with my problem. I used to thoroughly enjoy smoking hookah, but now I find it to be a lost cause before I even pack the ceramic. Could this be caused by the round coals? Maybe the shisha I was sold was already bad, if that's possible? It smells very good, but absolutely no flavor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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