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Default Re: Confusion with Hookah Taste

Hm, seems like a tough one. The only things I can think of are:

Water level in the base: If it is too high the water may be absorbing the flavor of the smoke.

Shisha: Definately check the production date on your shisha, the smell can last for ever but the actual quality goes down hill fast after about 6 months.

Bowl type: not sure what kind of ceramic bowl you are using but some of them can absorb flavors in the un-polished/painted areas. Also keep in mind that a bowl that pulls through the tobacco will generally always give more flavor. Example comparison between a Phunnel and a vortex.

Hose: I dont think this could be it but its worth a quick look to see if your hose has been sucking up the flavors, this can be possible by an obstruction that lets air pass but filters the flavor our.

Hope some of these helped, try and post up some pics of your new/old hookahs, the eyes are the best things to see with :P
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